AC7500 AccuCash

Never manually prepare or settle cashier banks again. The AC7500 will do it for you!

The AC7500 (money in—-money out) was designed to drastically improve back office cash room operations by automating most of the cash counting processes currently in use by most casinos.

TheAC7500 can issue a starting bank (both coin and currency) to all of your retail cashiers and slot attendants. When those individuals finish their shift, they can deposit all of the money and other media back into The AC7500 to settle out for the day. The cashier is given a receipt verifying what was deposited back into the AC7500.

The AC7500 is priced well below our competition, and in many cases will provide an ROI in less than 6 months.

Features include:

  1. Four currency cassettes holding 3400 notes each, 6 denomination specific and one multi denomination cassette.
  2. One reject cassette holding 600 notes
  3. Cash drawer insert….coin is dispensed directly into the coin slots of each cash drawer.
  4. UL 291 Safe
  5. Complete software settlement system
  6. Remote monitoring and ability to network 2 or more The AC7500’s to a common database.

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AC7500 Spec Sheet with Drop Safe

The AC7500 Spec Sheet without Drop Safe