Chip Tray Sanitizer


TDN Money Systems would like to introduce our new Patent Pending system that will sanitize chips at your tables in 2.5 minutes without having to remove the chip tray.

We all know the pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many businesses, and the casino industry especially has suffered a great deal over the past year.  The need to sanitize every aspect within a casino is costly and time consuming.  With our Table Game Sanitizing System, all of your tables including craps and roulette can be sanitized by one technician.

The TDN Table Game Sanitizing System uses a custom designed ozone gas generator with multiple settings, which includes a custom ozone seal that adheres to your current chip tray, and a quick-release valve installed directly into your chip tray cover.  There is no need for security when sanitizing the chips since the chips remain in the chip trays and the unit is locked.  The chips never leave the table.

Making sure your customers are playing with the cleanest, and more importantly, properly sanitized chips is necessary not just for now but should be the continuing goal of the gaming industry.

Click here for a video demonstration:https://youtu.be/ADFQNwdKxaM

Call Luke Orlando at 610-721-6166 or email lorlando@tdnmoney.com for more information