Chip Tray Sanitizer


This is TDN’s solution for disinfecting chips in a chip tray with ozone gas, all without removing any chips from the tray. The first thing we do is remove your lockable cover and temporarily replace it with our ozone sealable acrylic cover, as shown in the picture below. We then insert the hose from the ozone gas generator and turn it on. It takes about 2½ minutes to disinfect all of the chips, at which point the ozone gas generator will automatically shut off. It will take another 18 minutes for the ozone to dissipate before you can remove the acrylic cover from the tray and replace it with your existing cover………….However, if you have multiple covers, for example ten covers, you can attach those ten covers to ten different games in just a few minutes. This allows you to go from table to table with the ozone gas generator while the other tables are going through the gas dissipation process. We estimate you can probably do about 10 tables in an hour or less. Again, whether it’s BJ, craps, roulette or other carnival games, the chips never have to leave the table to be disinfected.

Video Demo

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