CountR Ticket Redemption Kiosk Gold Edition

Gold Edition

CashIO Gold is the small footprint kiosk solution for automated cash handling in VLT and route gaming.


CashIO Gold features:

  • Increase of revenue and simultaneous cost reduction
  • Redemption and charging of tickets (TITO)
  • Redemption and charging of magnetic player cards
  • Payout of credits to the last cent with banknotes and coins
  • Bill breaking
  • Secure storage of cash
  • Documentation of all transactions

ART Kiosk Management Software

Turn to ART for the ultimate support in effectively managing and efficiently operating installed CashIO, TITA/CATA and Caro terminals.


ART is an innovative, easy-to-use software solution for CountR kiosk management and monitoring. From displaying current inventories to monitoring active logins and transactions, ART’s intuitive interface puts all essential information at your fingertips.


Download ART Flyer