Next Gen PCS


Protect your Slot Machines and Ticket Redemption Kiosks from any power disturbances by using the SurgeX Next Gen Power Conditioner

The Next Gen PCS provides advanced electrical troubleshooting and power protection technology to help service teams monitor live electrical incidents, troubleshoot downtime, reduce service costs, and equipment/part replacement costs It offers service teams the ability to pre-diagnose power issues proactively to better understand, prevent, and react to them before disruption, damage, downtime, and lost income is incurred. Its innovative microprocessor is the only product in the industry that records time-stamped power anomalies and enables power protection settings to be customized instantaneously.

This comprehensive solution also includes industrial-grade Multi-Stage protection to safeguard equipment from the dangers associated with damaging surges, spikes, over/under voltage, EMI/RFI noise and wiring faults.


Lifetime warranty on this product and a 5 year / $100,000 incident protection.